Carrottail's My Tango Fantasi  S-36259/2007           


 DK Uch Such
Rottriver's Let's Tango


Tribun's Ztevie Wonder
Norduch intuch Luch Euw-96
Tribun's Löjtnat Holger Sparre
ww-96 Such Nuch Dkuch Intuch
Tribun's Oriflame

Travis Rugrat
Nuch Such
Rottriver's The Best A Man Can Get

Travis In The Rough

   Carrottail's My Best Diamond



Norduch Such
Hjohoo's Diamonds In Hjour Eys
Such Nuch Intuch
Streams Bellman
Such Nuch
Hjohoo's Hjo Gonne Get it

Carrottail's Makalösa Loppan Lus  ( cert )
Nord/Int Uch
Sarimont Smash`n´Grab

Carrottail's Mouser